Richard Thorwaldson passed away on Sunday, June 20th from injuries he recieved while racing at Infineon Raceway. He was 58.

We created this website as a place to spread hope for Richard's recovery. What it has turned into is something more, a place for all of us to record our thoughts and prayers, and to tell the world something about Richard others may not know about. The problem is, Richard never really talked about his accomplishments, primarily because he was moving on to the next project or race track.

Thats why its so important for everyone who visits this site to post something. It can be a simple joke he told you or a three page detailed account of a race or a conversation, we dont care. We just want everyone to please contribute and help us to document the lives he touched.

His drive, talent, and character are what he will be remembered for, both on and off the racetrack.

We will be posting all the images that have been sent, as well as more stories, news clippings and kind words. We miss him greatly, and this helps us all to remember his life rather than mourn his passing. Thanks to all who have contributed.

The Bulletin board has been hacked by countless idiots trying to be clever by deleting the posts and our memories of a great man. I am trying to fix the problem now...

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Anyone can post a message, start a topic or talk about Richard here. please spread the word to all and send Richard your best memories through this board.  We’d love to hear your favorite “Richard” stories if you have one.

Send us any photos, etc as well. We'll post it for all